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Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Enable inline editing after Overriding Standard Buttons of Salesforce Object

Whenever we override Standard Buttons ("EditDelete") of any object in sales force then inline editing of that object records has been removed. we can't able to do inline Editing from view page of that particular object record.

To Enable inline editing layouts, we have to do the following steps.

Step 1:
Create one custom visualforce page with following code.

<apex:page id="CaseDetail" StandardController="YoursObjectAPIName" 
tabStyle="YoursObjectAPIName" sidebar="true" >
    <apex:detail inlineEdit="true" relatedList="true"/>

Note: In above code you have to Put API name of your Salesforce object.

Step 2:
Override your Standard button of Object("View") with custom visualforce page which we have developed in above step.

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